If you want a break from the usual roast potatoes you must try these buttery fondant potatoes. Flavoured with thyme and garlic, they are definitely worth all the effort.

What You'll Need - Serves 3-4

  • 4 Large Potatoes
  • 4 Cloves Garlic
  • 2 Sprigs Thyme  
  • 150g Butter
  • 1 Litre Vegetable Stock
  • Salt & Pepper

Prep -  15 Minutes

  • Peel the potatoes. Place your potato vertically and slice the top and bottom part creating a flat surface.
  • Cut the potato into half, lengthways
  • Carefully cut around the sharp edges of each potato halfcreating a cylinder like shape
  • Repeat this with the rest of your potatoes

Let's Get Cooking - 30 Minutes

  • Melt the butter in your pan and allow to start heating up at medium heat.
  • Place the potatoes in the pan and cook each side for about 5 minutes until golden brown
  • Add the vegetable stock 500ml at a time.
  • Place the garlic cloves and thyme sprigs into the pan and cover.
  • Simmer on medium heat. When the stock is finished, check the potatoes by piercing them. If they aren't cooked, add some more stock.
  • Stock already contains salt so taste first before salting the potatoes
  • Once cooked, serve as part of your roast or as you would baked potatoes.